Air Disasters - Season 4


Each episode details an aircraft accident detailing the events leading up to the incident and the following investigation. Each investigation providing the cause of the accident along with steps taken by the industry to make flying safer.
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S4E13 - Vanished

On June 1, 2009, a modern Airbus A330, traveling from Rio de Janeiro..

S4E12 - Seconds to Survive

Santa Barbara Airlines Flight 518 is about to embark on a difficult,..

S4E11 - Subtle Incapacita..

Five minutes into Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409, something goes wron..

S4E10 - Death of the Pres..

It was an air disaster that crippled a country, heightened tensions ..

S4E9 - Hockey Team Tragedy

A Russian passenger jet crashes into the Volga River, killing almost..

S4E8 - Focused on Failure

Just minutes before touching down in Portland International Airport,..

S4E7 - Catastrophe at O'H..

It was the deadliest aviation disaster in U.S. history of its time. ..

S4E6 - Grand Canyon

Two commercial airliners go missing over the Arizona desert, and are..

S4E5 - Blind Landing

Just three miles from its destination and assaulted by severe weathe..

S4E4 - Pushed to the Limit

It's a clear and calm December day in 1997 when a Boeing 737 suddenl..

S4E3 - Caution to the Wind

The Lockheed Electra was the workhorse of Reeve Aleutian Airways, on..

S4E2 - Fire in the Hold

The worst aviation disaster in Florida's history occurred on May 11,..

S4E1 - Fight for Control

The Lockheed Electra was the workhorse of Reeve Aleutian Airways, on..