America's Funniest Home Videos - Season 29


Viewers from around America send in funny moments captured (or staged) by their own video cameras. Results are often painful to watch. :-)
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S29E8 - BaseballPoolsand ..

Clips celebrate Thanksgiving including “Things that Rhyme with Tha..

S29E7 - Wedding failsCoup..

Wedding fails include a groom who gets a phone call at the altar. A ..

S29E6 - Work MishapsBeach..

Work mishaps include a forklift operator that runs into a boat. A gi..

S29E5 - Costume Catastrop..

Celebrate Halloween with people being scared by Halloween costumes, ..

S29E4 - Animal ThievesCli..

A dog steals a delivery man’s package and a game of chase ensues, ..

S29E3 - Money MishapsHair..

A woman doing the “Whisper Challenge” finds out she’s going to..

S29E2 - Ladies NightThe P..

Kids are stumped by pay phones, dogs react to disappearing owners wh..

S29E1 - Winter Blunderlan..

Funny pranks, a musical tribute to cats, and a deer who steals the c..