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08/15/2018 Part 2

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  • 08/15/2018 Part 2

    101) Seinfeld 2x7 updated
    102) True Love or True Lies no links available
    103) Game Of Thrones 5x7 updated
    104) The Office season 6 all the title are correct according to Imdb
    105) In the Last Days of the City (2016) no links available
    106) Amazing Interiors season 1 added
    107) So Awkward 1x1 updated, only Vidzi links available
    108) Ocean's 8 (2018) updated
    109) Breathless UK 1x1 no links available atm
    110) Henry Rollins: Keep Talking, Pal (2018) added
    111) Good Enough (2016) no links available
    112) Katie Price: My Crazy Life 2x2-4 added
    113) Dhadak (2018) no links available
    114) Enchanted Kingdom 3D (2014) no links available
    115) Medium 3x21 updated
    116) The Rachel Maddow Show no links available for the missing episodes
    117) Out in the Dark (2012) no links available
    118) Game Of Thrones 5x2 updated
    119) Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 20x2-6 added
    120) Afro Samurai updated
    121) Murphy Brown season 4 added
    122) No Date, No Signature (2017) no links available
    123) Voltron: Legendary Defender 7x2,3 no links available; 7x4-12 added
    124) BlacKkKlansman (2018) no links available
    125) Indian Horse (2017) no links available
    126) The Practice 4x9 updated
    127) Big Brother (US) 8x17 updated; 8x20 no links available
    128) Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? no links available
    129) Game Of Thrones 1x1 updated
    130) Veep 1x5,6 updated
    131) RuPauls Drag Race 4x2 has working links
    132) I Was Prey - please specify season and episodes numbers that have no working links
    133) American Dad is up to date . We follow
    134) Game Of Thrones 4x9 updated
    135) Bill Hicks: Revelations (1993) no links available atm
    136) Mighty Max no links available atm
    137) First Reformed (2017) updated
    138) Are You the One? 3x6 updated
    139) Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway (1976) no links available
    140) Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color no links available
    141) Deadpool 2 (2018) updated
    142) Now You See It... (2005) updated
    143)Review 1x4 no links available
    144) The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) updated
    145) Sex And The City 2x6 updated
    146) Mr. Sunshine 1x10 updated
    147) Reasonable Doubt 2x8 no other links available atm
    148) American Woman 1x10 updated
    149) Teen Choice Awards 2018 no links available atm
    150) The Last Pope? (2018) added
    151) Sunday Brunch no links available for any of the episodes
    152) Garage Sale Mystery: The Mask Murder (2018) no links available atm
    153) Angel 4x12 updated
    154) Tai-Chi Master (1993) no links available
    155) 'anon0240: Hello Dare,could youplease get working links for the horror movie Escape Room thank you' - which version?. There are two movies with the same name and same release year
    156) Curb Your Enthusiasm - please specify at least the season you are trying to watch
    157) On Thin Ice (2003) no links available
    158) Babysitter's Nightmare (2018) no links available atm
    159) Bringing Up Bates no links available for the missing seasons
    160) Voltron Legendary Defender 2x13 more links added
    161) The Great Food Truck Race 4x2,3 updated
    162) Insatiable 1x12 no other links available atm
    163) American Greed no new episodes available atm
    164) Game Of Thrones 5x1 updated
    165) 'mission: The TV show "Disappeared" has a ton of broken and missing links. I'd love to watch this show.' - try to specify at least the season you are trying to watch
    166) Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan according to Imdb 1x1 will air on August 31
    167) I am a Killer is already on the site
    168) Nadine (1987) no links available
    169) The Trouble with Mistletoe (2017) no links available
    170) Jack Irish season 4 missing episodes added
    171) RuPauls Drag Race 4x12 updated
    172) Novitiate (2017) the sound works fine. Check the volume settings on your end or clear cache and try again
    173) American Pickers 19x15 updated. Please let me know if it is still not the correct version
    174) Game Of Thrones 1x10 updated
    175) Watch What Happens Live 15x132- 134 added
    176) Jill & Jessa: Counting On no other episodes available atm
    177) Fancy Nancy 1x2-5 added
    178) Empire (2015) 3x4 updated
    179) I am Frankie 2x2 no links available atm
    180) 'anon0578: all the vidup links for izobie go wrose md worse out of sync but they are the only ones that arent broken!!!' - please be more specific as in add the season and episode number
    181) Mindhunter season 1 updated
    182) Night Sins (1997) no links available
    183) Ice Cold Gold season 1 no links available
    184) Making It 1x4 no links available atm
    185) Not Safe With Nikki Glaser 1x9 updated
    186) '@scottyd83: there are no links at alll for any of the episodes for dinner impossible could u guys please add them thank you very much' - please specify at least the season you are trying to watch
    187) Jeeves and Wooster 3x4 updated
    188) Counting Cars 8x7 added
    189) Review 1x7-9 no links available
    190) Marley And Me (2008) updated
    191) Chopped: Impossible, Part 1 1x2 no links available
    192) Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act no links available
    193) Escaping Polygamy no new episodes available
    194) Marrowbone (2017) updated
    195) The Marvelous Mrs Maisel 1x4 updated
    196) Queen Sugar 2x15 updated
    197) The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg no links available atm
    198) The Haves and the Have Nots 5x22 no links available
    199) True Detective 2x8 updated
    200) The Bachelor (AU) 6x1 updated
    201) 12 Strong (2018) the Vshare links have a problem atm
    202) The Outpost 1x6 will air on August 21
    203) The Bermuda Triangle Enigma 1x2,3 added
    204) Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) no better quality available atm
    205) Game Of Thrones 4x7 updated
    206) Megalodon (2018) no links available atm
    207) 'anon9215: Hi Dare. When you get the chance, could you please add the science channel's Surviving Zombies? I think it's only two episodes and has the guys from Zombie Tools in it. Thank you' - provide an Imdb link or an official page for it