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  • 09/14/2018

    1) Game Of Thrones 4x8 updated
    2) Entourage season 1 updated
    3) Jack Ryan has subbed links added
    4) Tron Uprising 1x16 updated, only Openload link available atm
    5) MADtv no other episodes, seasons available
    6) Castle 8x10 updated
    7) Animal Cops: Houston season 10 no links available for the missing episodes
    8) Take Me Out AU 1x1-3 added
    9) Mademoiselle de Joncquières (2018) no links available atm
    10) QI XL no links available
    11) District 31 no links available
    12) Sneaky Pete 1x10 updated
    13) Nightwatch Nation 1x1-4 added
    14) Murder by Numbers 1x1 updated
    15) Wrecked 3x5 added; 3x4,6 updated
    16) The Walking Dead 9x1 didn't air yet
    17) A.X.L. (2018) no links available atm
    18) Inside the NFL 42x1,2 added
    19) American Pickers 19x17 added
    20) Insecure 3x4 updated
    21) The Real is already on the site
    22) Life of Ryan no links available
    23) Hack My Life 4x7 no links available ; 4x9 added
    24) Wellington Paranormal is already on the site
    25) The Nun (2005) added
    26) Sex Sent Me to the ER no new episodes available
    27) Dr Phil 16x157 no other links available atm
    28) Finding Carter season 1 more links added
    29) The Darkest Minds (2018) no better quality available yet
    30) Supernatural 10x00 no links available
    31) 'I can't find good links to most of showtimes " the Circus" ' - please specify the season and episode number that you are trying to watch so I can start from there
    32) Ultraviolet no links available atm
    33) WWE SummerSlam (2018) no links availabe atm
    34) The Talking Dead 5x17 ,19 , 20,21,22 no links available atm
    35) Bizarre ER no links available
    36) Magic Funhouse! no links available
    37) Big in Japan (2014) no links available
    38) The Power of Nightmares no links available